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 Keeping Staff and Students Safe


1. Parents  and staff affirm that they are performing daily health checks.

2. Children brought to school must be free of all symptoms and without an exposure to an infected individual in the past fourteen (14) days.

3. All staff and children will follow OCFS regulations of handwashing: upon arrival, after toileting, before and after eating, after blowing nose, after being outside, etc.

4. Entrance to the B’Yachad space is limited to current staff and children only. (Tours of our school are temporarily halted while school is in session.)

5.  During drop-off and pick-up, parents will remain outside, permitting their children to walk to or from a staff member who will be at the door.

6. The classroom and toys are disinfected regularly according to OCFS regulations, using a bleach solution of 4 tsp bleach:1 quart water, mixed daily. No toys from home are permitted in school.



If, despite all precautions, an exposure occurs, family members will be notified, and the staff will follow COVID-19 exposure protocols.






OCFS regulations:



B’Yachad Teaching Faculty

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