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Seli Levi Allen
Former teacher and parent of a former student
Carni and Ari Feder
Parents of former students

B'Yachad is an outstanding, warm, unique and small preschool where my son had a blast! With a few dedicated people, a learning environment can't be richer. Jewish curriculum, close friendships, Hebrew exposure, hands-on activities and wonderful teachers made an unforgettable year for my son. When he came home singing Hine MaTov or La B'Omer flames artwork, he was proud of himself. We miss B'Yachad!

Eliana Silver
Mother of a former student

We have been so thrilled about our daughter's experience at B'Yachad! Every day when we come to pick her up, she is so happy, and we know this is a result of the warmth and personal attention she receives all morning long. We can relax knowing that she is in excellent hands, and that she is receiving such loving attention. And when she comes home singing Hebrew songs and telling us about the upcoming holidays we know that we've made the right decision. We would definitely recommend B'Yachad to anyone looking to raise their child with a Jewish identity or simply in a caring environment that feels like family.

אנו ממליצים בחום על גן "ביחד"! בבאנו לארה"ב חיפשנו גן אשר ישלב בתוכו את התרבות המקומית, ואת זו המוכרת לנו מהבית, חגיגת חגים יהודיים ולימוד השפה העברית. כל זאת מצאנו בגן "ביחד",  צוות הגננות מקצועי, יצירתי מאד, מנוסה וחם ומעניק לכל ילדה וילד תשומת לב אישית. הילדים נחשפים למגוון רחב של פעילויות, לומדים המון, מטיילים, משחקים ושרים באנגלית ובעברית. ילדינו מצאו בגן את מקומם הטבעי, ונהנים מכל רגע, וכך גם אנחנו!    משפחת פדר

We strongly recommend the B’Yachad Preschool! When we came to the United States we looked for a preschool that would combine the local culture, a feeling of “home," the celebration of Jewish holidays, and the study of the Hebrew language. We found all of this at B’Yachad Preschool. The preschool staff is professional, very creative, experienced, warm, and they give every child individual attention. The children are exposed to a wide variety of activities, learn a lot, go on field trips, play and sing in English and Hebrew. Our children have found their natural place in B’Yachad, and enjoy every moment, and so do we!

Inbal and Shai Sela
Parents of former students
Shira and Chaim Finson
Parents of a former student

We have had an amazing experience at B'Yachad - our son has learned and grown so much during his time there! The teachers are caring and give lots of individual attention to each child. The children learn about a variety of Jewish topics in a fun and age-appropriate way. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Jewish preschool right here in Ithaca!

גן "ביחד" היה הגן השלישי אליו הגענו בחיפושנו אחר גן לבתנו שהיתה בת שנתיים וחצי כשהגענו לאיתקה. אחרי הגנים הגדולים והמעוצבים בהם ביקרנו, הגענו אל מרחב במרתף בית הכנסת בו לא הכל חדיש ומעוצב אך מאוד מזמין. כשבתנו נכנסה פנימה היא הרגישה בבית וגם אנחנו והיה ברור מיד שזה המקום הנכון עבורה ועבורנו. הצוות הוא מדהים-חם מקצועי וקבוע! המקום נעים מאוד ויש בו מרחב בפנים ובחוץ (חצר משופצת וגדולה). הילדים לומדים ומשחקים בעברית ובאנגלית, חוגגים את החגים היהודיים ונהנים מכל העולמות. כיום, כעבור שלוש שנים, גם בתנו השניה נמצאת בגן ואנו שמחים ומרוצים. תודה גדולה לצוות הגננות והמנהלות ולבית הכנסת על העשייה המבורכת בהקמה וההשקעה המתמשכת בגן שלנו.

משפחת סלע.



B'Yachad preschool was the third preschool we visit when we moved to Ithaca and started looking for a school for our 2.5 year old daughter. Compared to other more stylish and pretty daycares in Ithaca, the basement of the Temple is modest. But as we entered the school our daughter felt at home right away and so did we, and it was clear that this is the place for her and for us.

The staff is incredible: warm, professional and stable. The space is great, indoor and outdoor, the playground was renovated in to an amazing play area. The kids learn and play both in Hebrew and English and celebrate the Jewish Holidays. Now that our younger daughter is old enough she is also in B'Yachad, and she is loving it. Thank you the staff of B'Yachad, the teachers and management and TBE for establishing and maintaining this wonderful school. 

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